"The power of minerals, the beauty of gems,

bound in a unique piece of art...


Our work

Original design and crafting

Each item is unique. We believe the stone itself chooses the artwork it needs to display its own magic.

Since each stone is unique, so is each of our creations.

That is one of our secret ingredients in the crafting of power objects. 

Quality material

Our personal selection of

crystals, semi-precious gems, fosils and seeds,

We use quality material: 

Copper, brass, sterling silver wire (92.5% pure), 

and polyester waxed string "Linhasita",

well known for its strengh and the ability to hold its colour over time. 

Skills and techniques

We have learned macrame and metal wrapping techniques

through years of traveling and countless experiences with other artisans.

We are experienced and dedicated artists.

Our services

The shop

A vaste selection of our art pieces, necklaces and bracelets


A description of a stone's magic and its propreties.  

Custom order

Have us craft your own design and ideas.