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 We are two souls, partners in life and in craftwork. Some fifteen years ago, well before we knew each other, we both made the choice of living our lives as travelers as authentically as possible. Crafting and artwork has always been here it seems, but on the road it as gradually become the dominant element in our daily lives.

 We could say that our skills have been forged by travels and passion. We display our work as we find local markets, festivals, or simply sell in the streets of the towns we travel through. Our creations are our joy and our engine, they make it all possible and they're the best way we've found so far to share some of the magic and beauty that the traver's life offers.

When we were kids, crystals of all kind were already piling up in our rooms. The fascination imprinted on our young minds by these little treasures has never faded and today precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals and fossils from all around the world are filling our backpacks and workspaces. These treasures protect us, heal us and inspire us as we hope they will for you too.

We craft our jewelry and power objects with a particular concern for the detail and the love of “well-made-things”. Each item is unique and this is with the natural “pickiness” of passionate artists that we select and sometimes find our stones and materials.

 We hope that through these pages you'll find the piece that is fit for you, or even better, that this piece will find you. We wish that though anything you may choose here, some of our love and dedication may also reach out to you.

Love and light

 Max and Lucia.


We use semi-precious stones, crystals, fosils and seeds collected or purchased from all around the world.

The materials we use are high quality because we like our creations to be long lasting.

Our macrame pieces are made with "Linhasita" string (polyester waxed string). It is strong and doesn’t get damaged by water, so you can shower or bathe without a problem.

For metal wrapping we use sterling silver (92.5% pure), copper and brass wire (an alloy of bronze and zinc).



We believe all stones heal, protect and spread some kind of magic.

On this website we will present some of the stone’s characteristics and meanings commonly validated by “lithotherapy”( the stone medicine) and stone lovers.

Of course these descriptions should not be seen as strict facts, we even believe it is often preferable to relay on intuition,

to feel more form the heart and less from the head…


 If you have a specific jewelry request it is also possible to make a customized order.

We have at our disposal a quite decent range of stones and beads, we can look together at what can be done in the way of shapes, materials, stones and so on.

You can also take a look at the portfolio of sold pieces to get more ideas for this order. Provided we have everything that's needed and the time availability, customized items are for us always a nice challenge.



  • Fees:

The shipping fees are included in our prices.  


  • Delay:

Since we travel often, we don’t always know where we will send the package from. So depending on the origin and destination of the package, it should take takes about a week, and not longer than 12days.


  • Shipping method :

We will send your item(s) in a secured package with acknowledgement receipt, and as soon as the package is sent we will Email you the tracking number so you can follow your order.

If requested, it is possible to send a priority package, or to use a private service like Fedex, UPS or DHL

The price of their services will then be added to the price of your order.

Make sure you make this request before purchasing your item via Paypal.


Note that it is your responsibility to know what item can legally be imported in your country (seeds, wooden beads, stones, etc… ) We are not responsible if any duties or custom charges are incurred. 



  • Paypal

It is safe and easy. Registering only takes a few minutes if you don’t have an account.


  • Bank transfer.

If you prefer this option, just select it during the payment procedure and our bank details should appear to you so you may foreword these details to your bank in order for them to proceed to the transfer.

We will send your item as soon as the payment has arrived into our account.


However note that this form of payment is not advised for countries other than France.

For any questions regarding payment, please contact us: